So what is Anymouse?

Why Anymouse? It’s hard to think of a riskier endeavor than naval aviation, which was one of the reasons I wanted to fly from an early age. Once I finally got there, I saw a lot of the tools used to manage the flow of information and control risk in these operations. One tool had a story though.

The story that was told to me was that years ago, the skipper of a Navy squadron wanted to allow his sailors to submit anonymous safety reports. The order went down the chain of command until a young sailor was tasked with hanging a box up in the hanger with “anonymous” painted on it. The young sailor’s spelling error cemented the “anymouse” box in the history of naval aviation.

So what is Anymouse?
Lessons learned the hard way

We’re Not In the Safety Business

After I left the Navy, I started a company to implement software to help manage safety information at aviation companies. I learned quickly that everyone tells you that “safety is our number one priority. The truth is there is risk in everything and companies aren’t in business to be safe, but to make money. It was easy to see that concept of the safety management system has proven itself though to be a powerful tool for organizations to control safety risk. Despite the impact of an effective SMS, there seemed to be something missing.

Even with a digital system, the data didn’t always mean organizations had the information they needed to identify and solve problems. This wasn’t limited to safety, but in many of the ways that companies looked to solve problems impacting operational efficiency. Data didn’t equal knowledge. To me, the problem broke down into three parts:

Anymouse’s Focus

  1. Point of Collection (both formal reporting and informal reporting)
  2. Processing the raw data into a actionable information
  3. Connecting that data to facilitate change and address the underlying problem

The Anymouse App – An AI toolbox

What was needed was an application that was simple and easy to use, but incorporated powerful analytical tools to allow those on the front lines of an organization to identify problems and implement changes. Everyone has heard of the concept of “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, but that is even more of a critical issue when you’re looking to analyze large sets of data with machine learning. I remembered the story of a CO wanting to get that frontline insight for my time in the Navy and it seemed appropriate, especially as I saw this problem going beyond aviation safety.

So the Anymouse project was born.

So what is Anymouse?
Anymouse Web Application

Anymouse isn’t designed to replace SMS software or other data warehousing tools, we include certain features in order to serve as a platform for connecting report data with other aspects of your company’s operations. Like a mouse, the app is nimble enough to climb through the myriad layers of your operations to find and connect problems that are impacting your bottom line or increasing safety risks. Anymouse is focused on specific problems defined by managers and supervisors, funneling complex issues into actionable knowledge.

The AI-Augmented Future

Like many, I roll my eyes when I hear they hype of artificial intelligence with promises that never seem to materialize. This exists in what I call the grifter’s window, anything you claim will happen 20 years from now means you can make a whole career without ever having to deliver on your promises. Anymouse isn’t that kind of company. What we actually see today is a growing volume of data that is flooding organizations of all sizes.

Everything a sensor requires we place more analysts of that sensor data where they can make an impact.

The best way to do this is to incorporate data management and analysis tools throughout an organization where they are actually used. With the proper expectations, carefully applied, the technology exists today to integrate artificial intelligence solutions directly into the workplace, where the data you gather actually matters.

The now award-winning Anymouse seeks to further the practical application of machine learning into how your company already works, empowering the employees most likely to notice problems with a tool to help solve them.

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– Liam McKeever

Anymouse Founder and CEO



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