Build Forms, Gather Data, Solve Problems

Anymouse® builds customized forms for mobile reporting with AI-powered analytical tools to digitize your workplace.

Transform paperwork with Anymouse


Build your own forms and report workplace issues right away with a few clicks.


Identify trends and spot issues before they impact your business.


Track resolutions and connect past experiences to solve future problems.

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Learn how to get started

Simply create a company account, invite users, and start collecting reports

Empower your employees with an easy-to-use reporting app

Easily Report Issues

Submit custom reports from anywhere at any time on iOS and Android devices

Create Custom Forms

Build and deploy forms that work for you would it be plant, retail or equipment audit – all without any coding required

Available Even When Offline

Anymouse™ is made to work where you do, if you don’t have a data connection, reports will upload when you reconnect.

Create Templates and QR codes

Create templates for fast and easy reporting or attach QR codes to items requiring recurring inspections and track and export inspection records by scanning them.

Keep Anonymous

Let your employees, partners and vendrors submit reports without names attached and easily onboard third parties wishing to report incidents.

Take Advantage of Data With Simple But Yet Powerful Dashboard

Eliminate Paperwork

Go paperless with document and record management – all on your mobile device, managed through the Anymouse™ web dashboard.

Easily Analyze Records

Analyze reports by using a powerful all-in-one dashboard: filter, sort and slice the data by date, risk, type and many more – identify issues before they occur and take action to resolve them.

Manage Safety Data and User Access

Manage records and users, get control of the documents and reports, automatically sort images, create tags and group similar reports together.

Export Data or Connect to API

AExport date in an accessible way or connect to our API to work with it on the go providing you the advantage you need to make right business decisions.

Use AI Features to Create Simple, Powerful, Analytics Solutions

Sentiment Analysis

Review large volumes of reports comparing perceived risk over time,  letting AI analyze your data and make informed decisions to highlight potential concerns.

Image Identification And Tagging

Review a large volume of reports compared to perceived risk over time, model future by letting AI analyze big data and make informed decisions to prevent business disruptions..

Trusted By Business, Made for People

Digitize Your Workplace With Anymouse®