Empower those who notice problems with
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Anymouse™ is an AI-powered app to augment reporting, audits and inspections and digitize your safety workflows.

Workplace Innovation Prize

2021 New Venture Competition
George Washington University

Our Mobile App Main Features

Easily Report Hazards

Let your employees submit custom reports from anywhere at any time on iOS and Android devices

Analyze Trends and Export Data

Automatically sort images and group similar reports together. Export your reports or ask us about API options.

Conduct Inspections

Attach QR codes to items requiring recurring inspections, track and export inspection records.

Offline Reports

Anymouse™ is made to work where you do, if you don’t have a data connection, reports will upload when you reconnect.

Nameless submission

Submit reports without names attached. Also works for third parties wishing to report incidents.

Distribute Documents

go paperless with document and training record management on your mobile device, managed through the Anymouse™ web dashboard.

Improve Engagement

Digitally transform your company's safety data collection with Anymouse™

Web dashboard provides an overview of reporting trends and users available anywhere at any time.

Anymouse™ helps you analyze and store safety report data to help provide a clearly picture of the risks to your business. Export data on specific hazards, inspection record history or last month’s incidents.

Customized Forms
Export Data
Manage Users

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