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Deploy forms to your workforce, users can report easily with an iOS or Android devices


Track resolutions and connect past experiences to solve future problems

Better Decisions Require Better Data

Create Customized Forms

Anymouse allows you to create custom forms and organize them from the Anymouse web interface. Invite users and submit custom reports from anywhere at any time on iOS and Android devices.

Gather Data You Need

Customize your forms, attach an image, track time, location, and priority level. Create and attach Anymouse generated QR codes to items for faster reporting
No data connection? Anymouse will upload your report when you reconnect

Allow for Anonymous Submissions

Utilizing a company QR code, allow anyone to submit a report to your company account. Anonymous submissions can help build trust.

Track & Resolve Issues

Anymouse is helps you connect past experiences to help you solve future problems. Track actions taken and link to other issues using the Anymouse web interface.

Technology Adapted to How You Work

Connect your Data

Reports and data require context. Track your reports and resolutions using Anymouse Web, download data or connect to data to other software tools

AI-Powered Analysis

Anymouse seeks to provide a platform to deploy artificial intelligence tools to augment your data collection and analysis. Contact us to learn more.

Gather the data you need with Anymouse®

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Anymouse® provides your business with an AI-powered toolbox to augment data gathering and analysis.

Anymouse® is a registered trademark of UDS Aviation LLC.

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